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NO2 Blast

My Experience

I was going through the phase of life, which no man wants to experience, i.e. reduction in muscle mass and poor sexual performance. While on one hand, my gym trainer was not happy with my performance no matter how hard I tried, my wife used to make complaints for my lowering sex drive. I did not want to feel like a looser and hence searched for an effective solution, which can help me in getting back my diminishing strength and libido. I was suggested about using NO2 Blast by a friend who himself was a regular user of it. After gaining effective results out of it, I finally decided to pen down my experience to let other men know about this miraculous supplement. Continue to read further…

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NO2 Blast Detailed Review

It is a scientifically developed dietary supplement, which is formulated to enrich your veins with a sustained level of energy by boosting the metabolic rate. This eventually pushes you towards lifting heavy weights and carry out longer workout sessions more harder. This amazing formula supports the building of muscle mass without costing any side effect to your health. It is also intended to make you feel more desired sexually by supporting enhanced libido and body buildingassists in getting a lean muscular physique by enhancing strength. It comes in the form of pills that are needed to be consumed before starting a workout session.

Ingredients used

This is developed by combining the potency of a number of carefully chosen herbal ingredients including Maca root, Tongkat Ali, Niacin and Zinc that are supposed to main hormonal balance and sustains a high energy level along with supporting muscle growth.

How Does NO2 Blast Work?

  • No2 Blast regulates the level of androgen in the blood, helping in maintaining a constant supply of energy to muscles and leads to an increase in lean muscle mass. It also supports in maintaining high sex drives in men.
  • Tongkat Ali is the most potent herbal substance found in this supplement, which keeps the hormonal level balanced within the body along with keeping a check on the concentration of the androgens in the blood vessels.
  • It, in particular is beneficial to those who consume steroids as it results in the reduction of SHBG, which reduces the responsiveness of the body to higher levels of testosterone.

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Is NO2 Blast Effective?

Now when you have gone through all the aspects regarding its composition and working, your mind might be raising questions over its effectiveness. To keep your mind calm let me make you know with several facts related to its effectiveness:

  • It is a clinically proven formula which has passed several clinical trials conducted on a large scale
  • It has been considered as one of the highly recommendable dietary supplements by doctors and health care professionals.
  • It has an unending list of satisfied users who have been consuming it since years.

Still, if you are remained with any doubt read further to satisfy your doubts…

How Fast Does NO2 Blast Work?

It is supposed to give you noticeable results within a few weeks only. But the case is you have to take it daily without missing a single dose while following the instructions given on the pack strictly.

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  • Gives satisfactory results within weeks
  • Natural in composition
  • Boost energy levels and strength
  • Supports increased libido
  • Builds lean muscle mass


  • Can not be consumed by minors
  • Is not approved by FDA
  • Need to consult physician prior to use

Visible Benefits of NO2 Blast

I discovered about this supplement through a very good friend of mine and seeing his perfectly fit body I was forced to try NO2 Blast a try. It has worked beyond my expectations, turning me from a flabby man in a ripped one with an enhanced sex drive. Not only now I feel great from inside seeing my ripped body, but also feel more energetic and desired in bed. I simply love it and often share my secret with my fellow men.

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Where to Buy?

The pack of NO2 Blast can be brought online by paying a visit to its official web page. It is available in the form of a trial as well as monthly pack, which can be availed by first time users by initially paying shipping and handling charges only.


I can understand the dilemma you are going through as the market avails you a number of options to choose from. But it has been proven in several surveys that are conducted against its counterparts, that this supplement is far much better in offering long lasting, safe and effective results than any other health supplement.

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Doctor’s Recommendation

It has been advised that prior to using this supplementary pay a visit to your doctor to get to know the suitability of your body for this supplement in order to avoid any future complication. This is equally important for those individuals who are on medication or having any history related to a heart disease.

Problems Reported of NO2 Blast

I feel glad to tell you that this supplement is a safe and reliable way to give your strength, stamina and libido a boost. I have not undergone any serious side effect and found the results satisfactory in other individuals too. This is a risk free formula which is devoid of harmful chemical compounds.

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